Architecture -II-

My previous post was about my thoughts concerning general architecture of a trading platform. During my way rethinking it from end to end it becomes clear that a “client only” approach would not fit with my needs. So I went back to my list of entities and started the puzzling again. To see all past posts and get a outlook […]

Architecture -I-

In my previous post, I talked about my starting point and how to develop guesses to segregated entities.  This was a very important step but by doing this at same time I got another point on my agenda – and unfortunately it was a question not a answer… The question was about in which way I […]

Technologies Screening -I-

This is the first destination from our Roadmap where I want to discuss my technologies screening. This was, and still is an exciting journey and I want to do it in several parts. Feel free to comment this blog or send me a mail with suggestions and I would come over it into the next part. The good thing about my project […]


In my previous post where I introduced my motivations and the global picture, I was talking about my needs to develop an trading platform. In this post I will go more in detail and provide a list of topics for future postings. Chapter 1: Technologies Screening – Or My Journey Crossing The Jungle Of Tools, IDE’s, Programming […]