Server -I- Intro

In my previous posts I was talking about my experience learning the basics of service oriented applications. After many days and nights struggling with all the theory, practicing and trying different concepts and libraries, it forced me to go two steps back and watching the whole “big picture” of all. This post will be about my starting point […]

Technologies Screening -III-

In my previous post, I introduced the messaging topic. Now its time to talk about what I found on the message framework universe. To get a overview about past and upcoming topics, please have look here: Content++.  There were several message frameworks I was come across and played around. The first was of course WCF comes as part of […]

It’s All About Messages -I-

In my previous post I talked about a architectural concept I had defined for my trading platform. Looking backward from now, it was a good decision to go for a service oriented architecture. But how do all the communication is done in a distributed system? Lets talk about this, and try to find some answers. Messaging is […]

Architecture -II-

My previous post was about my thoughts concerning general architecture of a trading platform. During my way rethinking it from end to end it becomes clear that a “client only” approach would not fit with my needs. So I went back to my list of entities and started the puzzling again. To see all past posts and get a outlook […]

Architecture -I-

In my previous post, I talked about my starting point and how to develop guesses to segregated entities.  This was a very important step but by doing this at same time I got another point on my agenda – and unfortunately it was a question not a answer… The question was about in which way I […]

Technologies Screening -I-

This is the first destination from our Roadmap where I want to discuss my technologies screening. This was, and still is an exciting journey and I want to do it in several parts. Feel free to comment this blog or send me a mail with suggestions and I would come over it into the next part. The good thing about my project […]