Chapter 1:

  • Integrating Logger
  • Integrating Datafeed
  • Database – A Huge Field Of Technologies
  • Broker API Integration
  • OMS or “How easy is it to mess up everything ?”
  • Charts
  • Wrap-Up Chapter 1

Chapter 2:

  • How To Interact With User Created Code?
  • User Code Library Integration
  • What Is an “Portfolio”?
  • Backtester
  • Risk Management
  • Signal Parameter Optimization
  • Genetic Programming
  • Wrap-Up Chapter 2

This describes the topics I will cover in this Blog and it could be modified in a minor way during doing this.

Probably I won’t find the time and the deep knowledge on my side to introduce each fields basics. But exactly this is not the focus of this Blog! This Blog tells about one way to do the things and its just a kind of diary. There are tons of good resources out there who cover all the basic stuff better than I could. I will add some resources I know and if you suggest a good one – I would add it that’s for sure!


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