Client -III-

In my previous post, I started the implementation of WPF program entry point and the View <=> ViewModel interaction basics. The goal of this “Client chapter” is to get a client application which connects to the basic server application I covered earlier. This post continues the basic infrastructure where the Views and ViewModels become integrated. So […]

Client -II-

My previous post explained a bit the overall concept of this client development series. The essence of MVVM pattern was discussed, as well the base line of the project structure was created. Now I pick it up and extend it by some implementations step by step until we get a running version of the client […]

Client -1- Intro

After I covered some basics about WCF Services and setup a server, we need to connect a client. In this post I want explain a little more the overall design philosophy. Than in followup posts we come closer to coding and bring it all up. First, lets talk about some basic design stuff. There are many […]

its been a while…

… and if I look back, I have to say it wasn’t planed to have this place so quiet. But as you know, if you are planning something you end up with a list of things go wrong 😉 But now I want to let you know that I’m in progress with the next series of posts. […]

Server -IV-

The previous post was about the auxiliaries to provide some basic interfaces, classes and messages. This post is about the 3rd project for our basic server solution. This project will allow to run the simple server and enable to connect a client. The RunServer project should be a WinForm project to have easy to handle starting […]

Server -III-

In this post I continue building the basic server application. In previous post I created the service host project including the WCF service interfaces. They implement all operation contracts to establish incoming and outgoing connections. This time I continue with another project from the server solution, were all service related auxiliary  classes, interfaces and message types will […]

Server -II-

In my previous post I announced that I want to try covering one feature in each post. During the days I doing this, I realized this would not work for me. I feel better in posting more frequent and discussing the code in smaller chunks.  In this post I want to start creating the basic […]